About Us


A name given out of love to a daughter and now a jewelry brand created with love and out of passion. The once young girl with big dreams, finally plucked up courage to start with this journey. Therefore, BY MAHNI is a female led jewelry brand which is founded in 2021 to empower the uniqueness and independence of everyone who dares to dream. 

Each BY MAHHNI piece is handpicked with much care and love so that we can ensure premium quality stainless steel jewelry. Not only do we focus on the premium quality, but we are also committed to offer affordable designs which will make each style sophisticated and wearable. 

We are driven by our curiosity and ambition to learn more about your personal taste so that we can improve ourselves with the aim to offer unique style inspired by your wishes and lifestyle.

Our effort to sustainability

BY MAHNI is a brand who values sustainability hence our choice for stainless steel as the basis of our products. Stainless steel has many advantages; it is rustproof, hypoallergenic, and it is easy to maintain with a microfiber cloth damped in warm water. Stainless steel has several elements which are highly valuable and can be easily recovered and separated from other materials.

The most important characteristic is, that it is a green material as it is recyclable.

Furthermore, ecological cardboard is used for our mailboxes. They are made from a minimum of 70% recycled paper and are fully recyclable.